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Rental Terms

Conditions before service

The customer have to make a booking request (online, phone or e-mail) prior to the date and time when the customer requires the service. The booking has to be confirmed by the supplier in order to make sure it will be provided.

After the confirmation, the customer should also makes sure to notify via e-mail, online or phone (SMS), with minimum 12 hours before service, the exact location when the car should be delivered, in the scenario when it is not an airport location. If the location is not provided on time, the supplier reserves the right to cancel the booking without a prior notification of the customer.

The customer must also present his identification papers, including valid driving licence with minimum 1 year of experience. The customer, under no circumstances, must present himself or herself to receive the vehicle when emitting alcoholic beverages or being under the influence of drugs. The supplier will cancel the booking and is not permitted by law to provide the car to such a person.

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I servizi di noleggio auto pagati online utilizzando le carte di credito/debito saranno pagati da IMA Solutions SRL al fornitore che consegna l'auto se non è di proprietà di IMA Solutions SRL ed è fornita da un altro fornitore.

Rental Conditions


1. The contract is concluded for a period between the date and the time of the vehicle is taught to the representative of the lessee, representative who will jointly answer to comply with this contract and the date and time the car is going to be returned by the lessee, specified in the Annex to the contract and assumed in the manner expressly by both parties.
2. The minimum rental period is 24 hours.
3. The contract shall terminate at the expiration of the rental period.
4. The extension of the contract is only admissible with the express consent of the lessor, communicated in written form to the lessee, and only if any changes to the of the contract are expressly accepted by the lessee, his agreement being to be communicated in writing to the lessor at least 24 hours before the expiration date of the rental term, at the e-mail address.
5. The parties agree that the return of the vehicle by the lessee at the expiration of the term of rental, in the absence of objective reasons underlying a case of force major, meets the constitutive elements of the deed of trust abuse, abstention without the right of the motor vehicle by the lessee after the expiration of the rental term attracting, together with the criminal liability, the patrimonial liability of the tenant for the whole damage caused to the lessor by its culpable deed, damage that can not be less than 80 EUR / day when the car was abused.
6. The lessor (the provider) handles the tenant's car in good working order, without defects, washed and cleaned inside and outside, at the place agreed by and with full of fuel. Fuel is not included in the rental price.
7. Normal wear including wear of tires, oil, windscreen washer, normal wear of the suspension joints, normal wear of the engine and gearbox, considered to be from the correct exploitation, are the responsibility of the lessor (the provider).
8. The rented car has to be returned by the lessee with cleaned interior and exterior and with full fuel. The tenant (the tenant) has the obligation to present the invoice with which he / she is purchased the fuel needed to fill the tank before returning car. The fuel invoice has to be issued by a gas station in the town where it is returns and does not have to be issued more than half an hour before the return of the car. In case the tenant (the tenant) can not submit the bill for fuel even if the on-board indicator shows that the tank is not full, the supplier will retain the value of missing fuel from the deposit. For objective reasons, the tenant (the tenant) can not surrender the vehicle washed and cleaned inside and outside, it will pay the amount of 15 (fifteen) EUR for this service. In this case, the locator (the provider) reserves the right to return warranty / deposit only after the car has been washed to avoid picking up with defects that can only be observed if the car is washed.


9. The tenant (tenant) will pay to the Locator (Provider) the rent specified in the appendix (according to the rental time and the chosen car), and, as the case may be, the tax airport pick-up or off-the-shelf hours; Minimum rental period is one day (24 hours); The rental payment is made when the car is picked up by the lessee.
10. Returning the car is done with the full tank and the fuel is not included in the rental price. Any difference found on the on - board indicator will be paid by Tenant as follows: EUR 100 for more than 3/4 missing from the tank, 75 EUR for 3/4 missing from the tank, 50 EUR pt. 1/2 missing from the tank, 25 EUR pt. 1/4 lack of tank;
11. Upon the conclusion of the contract, the Lessee (Tenant) will lodge a material security as set out in the Annex. This is the guaranteed liability of the tenant (tenant) and himself will return to the car in good condition, with all the documents of the car, with everything accessories and equipment unattended in their place at the place, date and time listed in contract.
12. If faults are detected at the reception of the car indemnified by the insurance company (mechanical damage, small scratches, damage to the underside and inside of the car, loss of accessories etc.), the warranty is will keep you up to the damage suffered, after which will be released documents the payment.


13. The lessee (the tenant) agrees that the car should not be driven or used in the following situations:
a) In violation of the rules on the movement of vehicles in Romania (eg by breaking in the significance of the indicator (STOP), traffic lights, speed limits, entry on the counter or on the street that has the pointer (FORBIDDEN SENSE), etc.);
b) For sub-leasing, transport of persons or objects for the purpose of obtaining benefits materials;
c) Violation of specifications in the machine documents regarding the maximum admissible weight and to the maximum number of people who can travel in the car, or without respect the manufacturer's instructions;
d) For pushing or towing another vehicle or a trailer;
e) While the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or others substances with a psychotropic effect, such as to affect the ability to concentrate, the psyche or physical capabilities of the driver;
f) Using the car for any type of racing or competition, official or unofficial, including rallies and strikes;
g) Leaving the car with the doors unlocked, with keys in contact with doors, windows or hoods open;
h) Using the car outside the roadway, on unsolved roads, flooded or off road;
i) Performing repairs at a unit other than the one recommended by the owner; If problems arise while driving, including lighting the lights on board or abnormal noises, the tenant (tenant) will stop the car immediately and will tells the owner, otherwise he risks worsening the fault and being responsible for damage to the vehicle.
j) Cars will be driven ONLY on public roads and open to traffic, even if SUV or 4x4.
14. Any malfunction produced during the use of the machine other than those due to the process normal wear and tear, (engine, transmission or differential damage caused by inadequate lubrication or overheating, tire damage or air chambers, caused by running under low pressure or pressure too sea, rubber feathers, impact with sharp objects, damage to the electrical system) by fault tenant (tenant), will be supported by the tenant.
15. Failure to comply with these codes results in the patrimonial liability of the tenant.
16. The owner reserves the right to find hidden defects within 24 hours of the reception of the car, produced by the tenant's fault, and to notify him of the the value of the damages. There are damages that can not be ascertained by a visual inspection and which requires a thorough check at an authorized workshop.


17. The tenant responds and agrees to indemnify the expenses or loss of value caused by:
a) Incorrect operation or maintenance of the car;
b) Damages produced by tapestries and carpets (damage, ruptures, scratches, etc.), including spilling of soft or alcoholic beverages), dashboard, spare wheel, tools and accessories supplied with the vehicle;
c) Damages that are intentionally produced or produced as a result of breach of provisions even if the car was not driven on a public road;
d) Damages arising during the commission of a crime or contravention by the tenant;
e) Damage caused by the driver when he attempts to escape arrest or another punishment, ignoring the signal of police officers or other competent authorities;
18. The tenant is liable for traffic offenses and contraventions or other violations of the law on the use of the car and agrees that the lessor shall provide it all its data to the police or other state bodies;
19. The tenant is responsible for the theft of theft of the car if it is not is communicated to the nearest police unit.
20. The tenant agrees with the following:
a) In case of damage to the radio cassette player, at least EUR 300 of the warranty will be retained;
b) In the event of damage due to the use of scotch tape or other bonding adhesives of flowers or ornaments on the body, the fee of EUR 50 will be paid representing cleaning and polishing services;
c) In case of loss of a plate with the registration number, it will be forfeited the amount of EUR 50;
d) If dirty chewing gums are found, it will be retained of the guarantee amount of 10 EUR per piece chewing gum stuck on the tapestry or presses;
e) If the tires are damaged by cutting, stinging or other damage, it will stop from guarantee amount of at least 100 (one hundred) EUR / tire according to the purchase price, tire delivery and mounting;
f) If wheel rims deteriorate (scratch, bend, break), the warranty will be deducted from 400 EUR / piece aluminum alloy rim, respectively EUR 100 / piece for other types of wheels.
g) In the event of loss of the registration certificate, EUR 200 shall be withheld from the guarantee, in the case of the loss of the flatness and / or its fiscal stamp will be withheld EUR 50 from warranty, in the case of loss of MTPL insurance will be charged EUR 200 from the guarantee;
h) If the car keys are lost, a penalty of 300 Euro will be paid for the keys remote control, 150 euro for simple keys, 50 euro for remote control loss for alarm;
21. If one of the situations listed in Articles 13 and 20 is found, the warranty or the difference resulting from payment of the indemnities will be returned after the remedy malfunctions or equipment replacement. In case of an accident caused by the fault the tenant or a third party that can not be identified, the tenant will pay a FULL SCDW forfeit worth 200 Euro.


22. The owner owns the FULL SCDW insured vehicle against accident and theft. The tenant (the tenant) and his attendants and their luggage are not personally ensure by paying the rental price. At the request of the lessee (lessee) can be concluded additional insurance, against payment.
23. The owner of the vehicle paid the road tax (vignette) and insurance civil liability.


24. The owner is not liable for the losses caused directly or indirectly by the tenant through failure of the car or loss of the tenant's items inside car.


25. The tenant agrees to defend the interests of the owner and the insurance company in case of accident, theft or damage as follows:
a) by obtaining the names and addresses of those involved in the accident, witnesses or third parties;
b) ensuring that the vehicle is not left unattended;
c) immediately informing the owner and the police at the phone within 2 (two) hours from such an event.
26. The following documents should be requested from the nearest police station, immediately following the accident or theft:
a) Prosecutor's report or attachment (Attachment 2) signed by the cop who instructed the case, with the stamp of the respective police unit;
b) Evidence that the driver was not driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other prohibited substances;
c) Vehicle repair authorization signed by the cop who handled the case, with stamp of the respective police unit.
d) Copy of the RCA (Motor Third Party Liability Insurance) coupon of the driven vehicle the driver responsible for the accident (if any) and a specimen of the accident the amiable finding form completed in full.
27. If the tenant (the tenant) will not get the requested documents above or if he is responsible for violating Romanian laws, including those on the regime traffic on public roads, or whether it or people in connection with it acting in contradiction with the terms of this agreement, will be held responsible the entire loss, which results in the patrimonial liability of the tenant (the tenant).


28. The replacement of the car is made:
a) At the request of the lessee, by paying the difference that appears between the rental price the already rented and requested vehicle, calculated for the same number of days. lessor will replace the car after the lessee's request only if there are cars available in their car park;
b) In case of technical defects occurring on the rented car, if they can not be remedied within a maximum of 24 hours from the date of their finding by a service authorised. The defective car will be replaced by one of the same class or class higher without paying a difference from the lessee. If technical malfunctions occur by the fault of the lessee, it will bear the difference between the sum of the car price already rented and the price of the one with which it is replaced, as well as the costs incurred by the replacement car. If the fault occurs due to the fault of the lessee, if the tenant does not wants the replacement of the car, it is not refunded the remaining amount until the expiration contract. Minor faults (up to the wheel, replacing the bulbs) come back to the lessee.
c) In caso di incidente causato da colpa di terzi e che metta l'auto nella situazione di non poter più essere utilizzata.
d) L'auto NON viene sostituita a seguito di un sinistro causato da colpa del conduttore (cliente).


29. The contract shall cease in the following situations:
a) By law, on the date specified in its Annex;
b) By joint agreement of the two parties;
c) By the unilateral decision of the lessor, if there is a violation by the lessee of a the provisions of art. 13 with all its subpages. In this case, the tenant is not reimburses the remaining amount remaining until the expiration of the contract and the guarantee.
d) If the lessor can not replace the rented car with another according to art. 27b and 27c.
e) At the request of the lessee. In this case, the price will be recalculated according to the pricing scale for the rental car on and will pay you a penalty equal to 25% of the amount initially paid but not less than 50 Euro.
f) A seguito di un incidente causato da colpa del conduttore (cliente), se il veicolo non è in grado di utilizzarlo in sicurezza su strade pubbliche. Contestualmente, all'inquilino non verrà rimborsato l'importo pagato fino alla risoluzione del contratto e non verrà restituito né il valore della cauzione/deposito.
g) Se all'inquilino viene sospeso il diritto di guidare l'auto dalla polizia, l'importo residuo non verrà rimborsato fino alla fine del contratto.


This contract is subject to the applicable Romanian laws. Any misunderstanding about the execution of this contract will be settled by the competent courts.
30. By signing the annex, the lessee confirms that he has taken the car with the data mentioned in the perfect state of operation and with mentions made for the eventual issues reported at the time of surrender / takeover.


31. All prices in this contract are in EUR and are payable in RON, EUR, GBP or CAD at the exchange rates on the day of payment.


32. In case of force majeure (unpredictable, insurmountable, independent of the will parties, intervened after the conclusion of the contract), the party invoking the occurrence the event is exonerated from liability.
33. The party invoking force majeure shall be obliged to notify the other party within 24 hours, producing the event and taking all possible measures for limitation its consequences.


34. This contract was concluded in two originals, one for each each side.
35. The annex to this contract is an integral part of it and contains the specifications the rented car as well as the date and time of the car returned to the lessor. By signing the annex, the tenant confirms that he has taken the car mentioned in perfect working condition and with mentions made for the eventual issues reported at the time of surrender / takeover.
36. In case of differences between this version the terms and romanian version, the romanian one will prevail.